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118th Pennsylvania Infantry - Aide-de-Camp to General Joshua L. Chamberlain

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George W. Williams
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118th Pennsylvania Infantry
Aide de Camp to General Joshua L. Chamberlain at Appomattox
George W. Williams
1st Sergeant and 1st Lieutenant
Backmark: Brady
Signed in period ink
From the History of the 118th Pennsylvania Regiment (Pages 673-674):
April thirteenth, 1865
"The day after the surrender General Henry A. Wise sent his aide, Lieutenant Charles Faulkner, to General Chamberlain, commanding our brigade, informing him that he was anxious to leave for his home. Lieutenant George W. Williams, of our regiment, aide on General Chamberlain’s staff, was sent to examine his baggage, consisting of two trunks, at the hotel; some pistol cartridges were found, which he was told to keep as he might want to forage on the way home. At the bottom of trunk was found a handsome silk flag. General Wise remarked it had been presented to his regiment by the ladies of Richmond, in the early part of the war, and he was exceedingly anxious to return the same. After examining the flag, Lieutenant Williams turned and said, “General, no doubt you have made the usual promise to shed the last drop of blood in your regiment to preserve this flag; as it is without spot or blemish, it would be out of place with those scarred and stained battle-flags surrendered yesterday, and I doubt whether any other Yank has ever had the opportunity of seeing it; you had better return it.” Wise was amazed as Williams rode from the scene."