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Vivandier - NEW

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Backmark: Waterbury, CT
CDV is from the Mike McAfee Collection

"Vivandière or cantinière is a French name for women attached to military regiments as sutlers or canteen keepers. During the Crimean War, the United States War Department sent three United States Army officers to Europe to observe the current art of war there. They brought back the idea of vivandières to America, and during the American Civil War of 1861–1865, many patriotic women on both sides served as vivandières, though exact numbers are unknown, and the practice does not appear to have had the strong and lasting official sanction that it had in France. Vivandières routinely wore a female version of their regiment's uniform. It generally consisted of a tight-fitting uniform jacket, striped trousers, and a knee-length skirt over the wide-cut pants. This was topped off by a brimmed hat and worn with a tonnelet, or brandy barrel that the vivandière carried on a strap over her shoulder." (Information extracted from Wikipedia)