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8th Kentucky Cavalry - Camp Douglas POW

Item CON-5270
February 27, 1864 William T. Stevenson
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2 page, original Civil War Confederate letter written in period ink and war dated.

Camp Douglas

February 27th 1864

My Dear Sister,

I received your letter written from Newport. I answered your previous letter on the same day your last was written. I had learned the sad news of Uncle James’ death from a Cincinnati paper. I am glad to hear of Tom B’s bright prospects. I always knew that he could never love anyone but a cousin and he is no doubt sappy in winning the affections of his cousin Jane. I only hope that I may be at home when the knot is tied. The wedding will undoubtedly be the tallish one ever know in Newport. I have been in prison so long that I have lost all ideas and of course have gained none. So that I must prove a very poor correspondent. This will serve to let you know that I am still among the living.

With love to all. I am

Your Affectionate Brother

W. T. Stevenson