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26th North Carolina Infantry - Wounded & Captured at Gettysburg

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February 25, 1865 James B. Jordan
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Original Confederate POW letter from Johnson's Island. Adjutant James B. Jordan of the 26th North Carolina Infantry - was wounded on July 3rd as a participant of "Pickett's Charge" at Gettysburg. Severely wounded in the hip during the attack, he was captured two days later by Union forces.

One page letter written in period ink and war dated.

Island Home, Lake Erie

February 25th 1865

Cousin Mattie,

Although I wrote you only a few days ago, in order to fill up time, I write again. Especially as my letters od not reach you regularly. I have heretofore written on any occasion, hoping my letters might entertain you for a while and furnish you with an excuse for replying. Your letters to me, dear Mattie, have found a source of much real pleasure and I only regret I did not write you sooner. My imprisonment is drawing to a close. I think I see the gates opening. Can hear my name called, at least twenty times during a day. While my dreams are of Liberty! Freedom! and Mattie!! I am going to commit a serious crime. That of disobeying “orders”. Something I have never been guilty of before. I cannot send after the clothing for two reasons. It would be too long before they would reach me, for it requires 3 and 4 weeks to get the permit and receive articles. Besides, I am not suffering for want of them. Tis true a good whole suit would be very acceptable. Yet I can make out very well. I am expecting a suit from home. A bright blue English uniform. My brother had put up for me, a present. Many thanks dear cousin all the same and to show you that I am not so “stiff nickeled” as you supposed, I will make a few observation. The Sutler is now permitted to sell all kinds of vegetables, books of all kinds, tobacco, etc.. Other prison articles too. Has his charges. My photograph would have been sent long ago, but my appetite would not allow the sacrifice. Yours of the 12th received today. I am ready to give you any favor you may ask, even the sacrifice of my life. Don’t hesitate to make it! I am anxiously expecting the photo. Don’t keep me waiting, please. I can’t bare it.

Lieutenant F. is in the hospital. Been unwell for some time. Improving now. I shall possibly get off in the later part of March. It seems a long time. Don’t it? I received letters from home (or my brother’s home, Raleigh) yesterday. All well and cheerful.

Your affectionate Cuz,

J. B. Jordan