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17th & 8th Virginia Infantry

Item CON-6210
April 24, 1861 Charles Binus Tebbs
Price: $275.00


Original Confederate Officer's "Will" written in period ink.

I, Charles B. Tebbs, of the county of Loudoun in the State of Virginia, do hereby make this my last will and testament in manner and form following.

1st my debts are to be paid.

Secondly, that I give to my dear wife H. Fanny Tebbs, one third of all my property, real and personal, and the other two thirds to my children, equally to be divided between them. I constitute my said wife Guardian of my children and Executrix of my last will and testament, and direct that she give no security either Guardian or as Executrix and I further direct that she be allowed at least ten percent commission on her receipts as Executrix. In testimony of the forgoing, I have on account set my hand and seal this 24th April 1861.

Charles B. Tebbs, Esquire