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15th Louisiana Infantry - Fort Delaware POW

Item CON-77
June 2, 1864 A. T. Turner


1 page original Civil War Confederate soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated. Captured at Spotsylvania, VA on May 10, 1864.

Fort Delaware

June 2, 1864

Dear Sister,

I wrote you on the 17th, the day on which I arrived here as a prisoner of war. Sixteen days having elapsed without an answer. I fear my letter did not reach you. So I write again. I have been quite unwell since arriving here and need some underclothing and other articles of comfort badly. I wrote to Ellen the same day for money, etc., but being ignorant of the rules, I suppose my letter did not go and I will write again today. It will be at least a month before I can get an answer from her and I wish in the meantime you would send me a few articles, viz: two shirts check or brown linen or something of that kind, two pair drawers, two pair colored cotton socks, No. 9 ½. If you will send these in a box by express I shall be much obliged. If you can also put in same box a jug of maple molasses, a few pounds of butter in a can, some cheese, pickles, a small ham, some fruit or knick hoes and a couple of pounds of fine cut smoking tobacco and a silk pocket handkerchief. Do so as these things would help to render my imprisonment less irksome. No doubt you could get these articles from our relatives, as I have no doubt but that most of them would furnish something with pleasure. The fare here is very meager and the only prisoners who live comfortably do so by means of boxes sent by their friends. If any of my old friends will have the kindness to send me some money $10 or $12, I shall remember them gratefully. As by means of that I could get along comfortably until I hear from Ellen when I will be supplied with money. You have no idea of my condition. I have nothing but the clothes in which I was captured and had been fighting eight days in them at that time. When I wash anything I must go without until it is dry. A couple of pounds of coffee would be a good addition, as we get none here. You can write long letters and seal them up. They will not be opened till they reach this place. Write at least once a week. There is no prospect of an exchange for some months. I am only allowed half a sheet. Send the box by express prepaid, as I have nothing but confederate money, as follows: Lieutenant A. T. Turner, 15th Louisiana Regiment, Prisoner of War, Fort Delaware, Delaware. Care of Captain G. W. Ahl, A. A. A. G. Direct letters to Lieutenant A. T. Turner, 15th Louisiana Regiment, Prisoner of War, Division 25, Fort Delaware, Delaware.

Love to all. Write soon.



Send some stamps.