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3rd Virginia Infantry - Harpers Ferry

Item CON-82
June 6, 1861 Kenton Harper & William Harman
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2 pages original Civil War Confederate letter written in period ink and war dated. Letter is from Colonel Kenton Harper to Virginia Governor Letcher.

Headquarters, Third Virginia Infantry
June 6, 1861

Governor Letcher

Dear Sir,

The bearer, Captain M. E. Price, was appointed by me on taking command at Harpers Ferry on the morning of 19th April, to take charge of and prepare for removal the of machinery, etc. used in the manufacture of arms at this place, and I congratulate myself on the fortunate selection which I made of an agent in opposition to the sinister influences of professed friends. No man could have been more faithful and energetic in the execution of his trust than he. Day and night he was at my command. And his continuance in office by both of my successors, not only vindicates my choice, but affords the most emphatic testimony to the fidelity and energy of the man. I feel that I owe him much, and Virginia more than to any other individual whom I found here for the successful accomplishment of the important duty assigned me of securing the public arms and the removal of the machinery.

With high regard.

Truly yours,

Kenton Harper
Third Infantry

P.S. Captain Price enrolled a corps of citizens to assist in taking down and securing for removal the machinery, and in putting together arms from components and repairing defective guns, under my order. Being without funds to pay them and most of them having families, I directed a price of two rations a day to each of them. We now take on the pay even for settlement. I trust these men will be promptly paid. They are generally poor men and are the faithful few found among the faithless. They have certainly done good service to the state.

K. H.