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3rd & 1st Kentucky Cavalry - Captured on John Morgan's Ohio Raid

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November 24, 1864 Logan J. Williamson
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2 pages, original Civil War Confederate POW letter written in period ink and war dated from Fort Delaware. (1st Lieutenant Logan J. Williamson)

Fort Delaware, Del. Nov. 24th 64
Miss Keen,

Claiming to be a friend of Capt. Sturdivant & being a messmate during his sojourn here, I was empowered on his departure South (Oct 30th) to receive all documents coming to his address & requested me to answer such of his letters as I deemed necessary – hence, I write to relieve you of any anxiety you may entertain of the fate of your “carte” and to inform you of what disposal I have made of (you) it. I gave it to Capt. Wolf (of Petersburg who tells me of his acquaintance with your family as well as the party for whom it is intended) who has promised me faithfully that if he should be so fortunate as to be sent on the next boat that he would deliver it to Mrs. A., but if he should not be “one of the fortunate” he would send it by some reliable person at the very earliest opportunity and lastly you have the promise of your humble servant though a stranger should he be among the first to be sent to the “promised land” he will with pleasure send it to its destination. If my action in this matter does not meet with your approbation, please attribute it to my ignorance and write me a line informing me on the subject.
Lieut. Denicott (of whom you inquire) was one of the “600 placed under the rebel fire” at Hilton Head – but when last heard from was at Ft. Pulaski and in excellent health.

I remain
Yours truly
J. Logan Williamson
Lieut. of Morgan’s Command