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1st Maryland Cavalry

Item CON-96
October 24, 1864 Serpell M. Goldsborough
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1 page, original Civil War Confederate POW letter written in period ink and war dated.
Camp Chase, Ohio
October 24, 1864

My dear Olivia,

I received yours of the 5th a few days ago and have been waiting for another from you as you intended writing the next day, so that I could answer them both at one time. I would write every day if I could but we are only allowed two letters per week. I am glad you liked your ring the rebel who engraved it for me is now dead. He died a few days ago with the small-pox. We have had a great deal of small pox here as high as 15-20 cases per day. I have fortunately been very well so far with the exception of a cold, which I attribute to sleeping on the damp ground. I think Hawedy made you a very small offer for your land, it would not be more than $36 and 60 cents per acre in gold at the present rates he ought not to have offered you less than$273. I have made a calculation and that is exactly what it could be. I think Lou offers the farm very low at $800 unless it was paid in gold, which she could sell before she used it. It should have been $2.000 per year. You must recollect how everything has gone up, but tell her to do everything as she thinks best. You can send me a book if you wish. I have almost read myself sick in this place. I hope though to be as fortunate as I was at Point Lookout. You must all be very careful who you entertain, for you are all alone.

Write soon to your affectionate and loving cousin.

S. M. Goldsborough