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Jesse Scouts

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July 6, 1862 James Alexander
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Headquarters Provost Guard
Junior Hall
Hagerstown, Maryland

July 6th 1862

Major M. Scott
Provost Marshal

The Deputy Provost Marshal respectfully offers, the following report.

James Alexander, who was arrested in the uniform of a Captain of Cavalry, was released yesterday finding him to be one of the Jesse Scouts, as he reported.

Charles Burk of Company G, 29th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers was arrested for being intoxicated and sent to jail.

Last evening, 18 Rebel prisoners came here and was put in jail, with a guard over them to prohibit any and all citizens conversing with them.

The rest of the men behaved very well.

Your Obedient Servant,

Samuel J. Oliver
Lieutenant and Deputy Provost Marshal

Corporal Sam. K. Steever Jr.

From Wikipedia:

The Jessie Scouts were irregular soldiers during the American Civil War on the side of the Union who frequently operated in the territory of the Confederate States of America.
The unit was created by John C. Fremont and named in honor of his wife, rather than of a Colonel Jessie, who was himself a myth. The initial Jessie Scout unit was formed in St. Louis, Missouri early in the war as the plan to develop independent scouts was implemented. The first man to command the scouts was Charles C. Carpenter.
During insurgency missions the Jessie Scouts wore Confederate uniforms with a white handkerchief over their shoulders to signify their allegiance to friendly troops, and numbered around 58 for much of the war, commanded by Major Henry Young.

Note small hole in lower middle of the document.