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10th New York Heavy Artillery

Item DOC-5986
April 2, 1865 General Ferrero and James B. Campbell


Original Civil War document written by the direction of General Edward Ferrero, praising the men of the 10th New York Heavy Artillery for their advance upon the enemy.

Headquarters Infantry Division
Department of Bermuda 100, VA
April 2, 1865

General Order
No. 4

The General commanding desires to express his admiration of the gallant manner in which the troops of the 10th New York Artillery carried the picket line of the enemy this morning.

It was necessary that the presence and strength of the enemy should be developed and the result was a success.

To the officers engaged he tenders his hearty thanks for their cooperation in carrying out his orders. The conduct of Major J. B. Campbell is worthy of the highest praise, for the cool and skillful manner in which he advanced his line and in withdrawing it under a heavy fire of artillery and musketry, while suffering himself from a wound in the arm.

With such officers to lead, success must follow.

By Command of
Brevet Major General Ferrero

(Signed) George A. Hicks
A. A. Gen