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10th New York Infantry - Wounded Fredericksburg

Item DOC-60
October 12, 1862 General Van Buren & Captain Alfred Chamberlai
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1 page original Civil War document requesting the release of a prisoner from Fort Wool. Document is written in period ink and signed by Captain Alfred Chamberlain and endorsed by Bvt Brigadier General Daniel Tompkins Van Buren.

Headquarters 10th Regiment, New York Volunteers

Camp Near Harper’s Ferry

October 12th 1862

Major General Dix,

Dear Sir,

Having presently learned that with the sanction of his Commanding Officer you had kindly offered to release one Christopher P. Barrett, now a prisoner at Fort Wool. I write for the purpose of informing you that I desire his return to the company and therefore, am willing that he should be released at your earliest convenience. Others of the Regiment imprisoned at the same time and for the same offense were released several months since. The prisoner is young and has been confined for nearly a year and no doubt is sufficiently punished for his offense.

Very truly yours,

Alfred Chamberlain
Captain, E Company
10th Regiment, New York Volunteers

I heartily concur in the above recommendation.

J. W. Marshall
Lieutenant Colonel
10th New York Volunteers