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49th Pennsylvania Infantry

Item LTR-199
March 15, 1862 William P. Hewes
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3 page original Civil War soldier's letter dated March 15, 1862 and written in period ink.

Headquarters, 49th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers

Camp at Flint Hill

Mar 15 1862

John Hewes Esquire

I thought I would write to you today. From the appearance of things in Camp it may be some time before you will hear from me again. We have our tents packed and two days rations in our haversack. You will see by the heading of my letter that we are at a new camp 12 miles from Camp Griffin. Some say that our destination is North Carolina and others say it is Western Virginia. The enemy is a great distance from us now. Our Chaplain William Earnshaw paid a visit to Centreville and Manassas. All is desolation and destruction. What will become of them I cannot say. I have seen no papers for a few days so I cannot say what we are doing. The farther we advance into Virginia the more desolate it appears. Fences are all gone. Woods felled and desolation all around. The Village of Fairfax is only inhabited by four families. I was sorry to leave our old camp. We left our tents and stoves. Blankets and coffee we have. Small tents that we carry through in a mess. They are very handy. You will have to excuse me for not writing more.

When I get to my destination, I will write to you at length. Tell Johnny Montetions that I will write to him in a few days. I am very well and hope the same to you. On yesterday I was within ten of General McClellan at our Division Review. Tell Jimmie Shoop to write too. Also will you give my love to Aunt Susan Brill and Sissy Janie Montetions, Mr Wolf and yourself.

Address as before,

William P. Hewes
Co G, 49th Regiment
Pennsylvania Volunteers
Washington DC

P.S. Albrights, Ronce, Reinhart, Will Shope and all will write soon.

Wm. H.