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11th New York Cavalry - Scotts' Nine Hundred

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June 13, 1863 Daniel M. Norton
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4 page original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Scott’s “Nine Hundred”
Company D

Camp Relief
Washington, DC

June 13th 1863

Dear Brother,

I received yours of the 8th yesterday and was glad to hear from you and that you are getting along so well with the work well. Jim, I am in the cookhouse now. Oh! Our Regiment was ordered off yesterday. They all started about 10 a.m. That is all that are able to go. I did not go for I can’t ride yet. It hurts my knee as yet but I am in hopes it will get over it before great while. There is seventeen left in here out of our Company. The boys were going to Poolesville. Mosby’s Cavalry (Rebs) came across the river and drove Company I up within three miles of Rockville and burned their camp. There is heavy cannonading in that direction this morning. Poolesville is about 40 miles from here and I should not wonder if the boys have some fighting before they get back. There is nothing going on here in camp now. It is pretty lonesome here too. Jim, I and Ell have some good ole times here in the cook house. But he is gone now with the boys and I am here alone to cook for seventeen only. So you see that I don’t have much to do now. This morning we had roasted beef for our breakfast. I roasted it last night and then warmed it up this morning. You may think Lenor knows how to cook but I shall have to give her a lesson when I get back. For I believe that my cooking is the best and I know that she does not cook as much at a time as I do. For that piece of beef only weighed 32 pounds and that is nothing for us to do all at once. Jim, Mr. Sackrider was here day before yesterday. He is the same ole six pence I see. I wonder how all of the Canton folks are. I guess I never have written about Mrs. Clark that is here in this Company. She is Sergeant Clark’s wife. She appears to be a very nice woman for what I have seen of her. She has three little children. The oldest one just about as large as Ella Wilson was when I came away and the youngest about as large as Eva was when I left home. She makes me think of Eva very often. Jim, if you can read this you can do better than I can. Give my best respects to all of the inquiring friends. Write soon.

D. M. Norton