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8th Minnesota Infantry

Item LTR-537
April 15, 1864 Charles E. Morrell
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3 pages, original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Fort Ripley

April 15th 1864

Dear Parents,

I received your kind letter last mail and now reply. I am well. The weather here has been rather heavy for the last few days. Snowed some this morning. I am in the kitchen now. Have served about fifteen days and have about as many more to serve. The money will have arrived at Shakopee by the time you receive this letter. We have dress parades pretty often now. The cavalry have a parade by themselves outside. The infantry have theirs inside of the garrison. I wish you would send me a half dollar worth of postage stamps in your next letter. Cannot get any here. It seems that the girls go like hot cakes. I am afraid if they keep on there will not be much show for us boys when we get home unless we take the widows. They seem to have the motto of get it while you’re young.

I cured my sore throat by gargling it with strong salt and water. It is a very disagreeable thing, a sore throat.

I got pretty well strapped before the paymaster came but did not have any particular need of money as I should have sent for some over half of my time of service is gone. I have been in the service some twenty months.

The rest of the time will soon pass by. One year more from the 13th of next August. This is all at present. Goodbye.

This from your son,

C. E. Morrell