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32nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Item LTR-5377
January 29, 1862 James A. Fix
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4 pages, original Civil War Union letter written in period ink and war dated.

Camp Pierpont
January 29th 1862

Dear Parents and Sister,

I received yours of the 19th some time ago and indeed was very well pleased to hear from home again, especially that you are all well. Which I can also say the same for myself and old friends. As regards the likeness you think the same as I have done and also a great many more in our company. There is a great many taken at the present time, by a man that is stationed in the 12th Regiment. He having made as high as 90 dollars in one day and never any less than 60, which I think is doing better than he could have done by remaining at home. Since John has been here, we have built a hut that is more comfortable than the one before, and there is altogether six of us. It being formerly only three. And in my opinion is it is as good as any in the regiment. The inside is composed of bunks (the boards were taken from some of the secession houses around here that have been vacated since the rebellion had taken place). There is also a sheet iron stove which was purchased by the party at the sutlers and all around you can see clothing, accoutrements and rifles hanging on nails. I also assure you we live very well, being in the situation we are in. We have also five times especially at present, as the weather has been so bad, that we have nothing to do in the way of drilling. But standing camp guard and picket is something not very nice to do. Although it only comes once a week. As you wish to know who washes for me, I can tell you it is no person but myself. And after I return home again, I think I can help Mother with great satisfaction. The candy which you sent with Lieutenant Lehman was very good and I asked you to accept my sincere thinks for it. I am glad to see you (Catherine) are going to work on government work and no doubt there must be a great many working on that. As there is so much used by the patriotic joining men of the United States.

Before coming to a close I am very much obliged to Mrs. Stoltz for her instructions and I wish you to return my regards to here and also to the family and all inquiring friends.

From your affectionate son and brother,

James A. Fix

P.S. Lieutenant Clouse has a furlough which he is trying to get approved and if he does, he will pay a visit home and no doubt he will. Therefore, I will wish you could make me two check shirts and send them along with him and if he should not get it, make them anyhow. As no doubt one out of our company will return home before long and then they would be done.