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2nd Connecticut Heavy Artillery - Twice Wounded

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June 16, 1863 Charles Ingersoll
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3 pages, original Civil War Union letter written in period ink and war dated.

Fort Ellsworth, VA
June 16, 1863

Dear Geo.

I do not feel like writing, it is so warm, but I will scratch a few lines is answer to your letter, which I read last week. There is but little news. The most troops I have seen in some time passed here yesterday, and today some of them were nine months men returning home, from the front. Two regiments of cavalry also came in all of them are ragged and dirty.

Several hundred-baggage wagons came in this morning. I cannot see where they are going, believe they belong to Hooker’s Army. I rather think Lee will scatter Hooker’s Army if he is not very careful.

Last week a magazine in Fort Lyons blew up. Twenty men were killed and about that number wounded. Some of the bodies were blown nearly half a mile. The fort was all torn to pieces. Some of our men are at work repairing it.

I should like to go to Brattleboro with you, but suppose I can’t this time. Hope you will have a pleasant trip. Did you deal in maple sugar this year?

I do not see but that things are as favored in Conn as they are in Va. If it does not rain soon they will be more so everything is suffering for rain.

I should like first rate to have the Rebs come here and see what we could do for them.

Here is a picture Captain Hubbard gave me. Wanted me to send it to Grandfather and ask him if the war had not been hard with me.

I must close now. Excuse writing and give my love to all.

Your Nephew
C. Ingersoll