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142nd New York Infantry

Item LTR-5383
October 20, 1864 Erastus W. Stacy
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4 pages, original Civil War Union letter written in period ink and war dated.

Camp of the 142 N.Y Regt
Before Richmond
Oct 20th 1864

My Dear Wife,

I once seat myself to pen a few lines to you in answer to your kind and welcomed letter that came to hand Tuesday morning. It found me as well as usual and I was glad to hear from you and more to hear that you was well. I should have answered your letter before now but tell the truth of it, I haven’t had much time to write since we got the new recruits in the company. We have to drill five hours every day and as the days are getting sun shorter and have to work the harder. We have to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning and you know that is sometime before day light. Now days we are having very nice weather now days here and which we are very glad to it but we may get our pay one of these days.
You seemed very anxious about my voting at the present election. Well news, I have my vote all sealed up to send to William so he can cast them for me. You say that they call me a copperhead at home. Well, now that change my mind none at the least nor does it make me feel bad at all. But there is one thing that I do wish and that is that there was more copperheads just like myself. It is a very easy thing for men at home to talk what should be done. That is clear from coming down here to help fight it out. We have men at home that has sent substitutions down here. That is a disgrace to the army and they should be ashamed to be represented down here by such men. I never saw a sub yet that was worth a snap. Still there may be some that is good to lay back in the rear and do garrison duty. I don’t expect it will make any difference in the election by the voting of a few soldiers down here. I have made up my mind to never trouble myself about political matters after this. It is a shame to see the money that is spent this fall (as one might say foolishly while there is so many poor soldiers families at home that is in need of help and get none).
It is getting roll call time and I must close for this time. Hoping that these few lines will find you well and all of the rest of the folks. Give my respects to all the folks and save a share for yourself and excuse hast. This from your affectionate husband,

E. W. Stacy