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7th Michigan Cavalry & 1st Michigan Infantry

Item LTR-539
July 17, 1864 William O. McMurphy


2 pages, original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Camp in the field near
Purcellville, VA

July 17th 1864

Dear Mother,

I now will proceed to inform you of my whereabouts. We are still flowing up the rebs and are near Snickers Gap and expect to march tonight or in the morning. The rebs have caught particular thunder for the last few days. We have captured a large wagon train and a good many prisoners and expect to capture a good many more. I have stood it so far first rate. But don’t know how long I can march if we make long marches. I hope we can whip the rebs this summer for I am getting sick of soldiering. My feet are one mass of blisters. But the hopes of using up the Johnnys this summer is good as a plaster for my fee. You will probably not get a letter from me again very soon. And I don’t know as this will go. There is a report that we will get horses. I hope so. For then we can go in on the big side. I don’t know what the reason is but every time I think of going into a fight, I feel bully. Just as though we were sure of whipping them. It is so dark that I can’t see where I am writing. Give my best respects to everybody and accept my love for yourself. Good bye.

William McMurphy

P. S. Direct your letters just the same and keep writing.