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64th New York Infantry

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March 30, 1862 Jerome Carle
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4 pages, original Civil War Union letter written in period ink and war dated.

Brigade Hospital
March 30th 1862

Dear Sister,

I received your letter last Sunday but have neglected to write until today. My health is improving. I have gotten so that I can walk two or three miles in a day. There is quite a number in the hospital that I am acquainted with. I will write their names.

Daniel Wood from Company K
R. Jackson from Company K
Levi Hubbart from Company K
Theodore Stickney from Company K
Bill Davison from Company K
Marian Mosher from Company K
Lieutenant Johnson from Company B
Charles Riesdorph from Company B

Our regiment is two miles west of Manassas. The rest of our division has gone on towards Richmond. I do not know where they are now. We have had very nice spring weather until yesterday. It snowed most all day. Today it rains and thunders and lightnings. There have been a great many soldiers going down the river from Alexandria. The cars run by here every day to Manassas. The road is guarded all the way.

I have not gotten anymore pay yet. But think I shall get some before a great while. I will send some home as soon as I get it. I will have three month’s pay due the first day of April. I think the war will be ended so that we can all come home to spend the fourth of July. I got a letter from Lovanda Barrows Friday. They were all well. There have been four deaths in this hospital since I came here. Three of them belonged to our regiment. The other to the 61st Regiment New York State Volunteers.


It is cloudy yet and looks like rain. The rebels left Manassas before our troops got there. I do not think of anything more to write.


Jerome Carle