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3rd New York Cavalry - POW at Reams' Station, VA

Item LTR-5413
March 27, 1864 Harrison H. Barnard
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4 pages, original Civil War Union letter written in period ink and war dated.

Camp Peck near Newbern, North Carolina
March 27th 1864

My Dear Uncle,

I take this opportunity of writing a few lines to you to let you know that I am still in the land of the living and in the enjoyment of first rate health and as fat and tough as a bear. I have no doubt but that you will be surprised at receiving this my first letter to you. But you know there must be a beginning to all things, so here goes. If my letter is not very interesting this time, you must excuse me for I have not much to write and I promise to do better the next time.

I was very sorry that circumstances happened which prevented me from visiting you while I was home on furlough. My furlough was for only thirty days and I stayed at home forty-five. Then I came on to New York and was obliged to wait there two weeks before I could get transportation to my regiment. Had I known that I should have to wait so long, I should certainly have made you a visit but as it was, I had been absent so long that I was anxious to get back for fear that the powers that be might take it into their heads to try to court martial and punish me for not reporting to my regiment at the expiration of my furlough.

I was absent fifty-nine days which I think was a pretty good thirty-day furlough, don’t you? When I reported to the captain for duty the next day after I got back, everything was alright and he did not find any fault or say a word because I stayed away so long. I enjoyed myself very well while I was at home and only for the death of poor Johnny should have enjoyed myself perfectly. I had a very pleasant visit with Emma, Julia and Len which waiting for transportation. Emma is quite pleasantly located in Hoboken and like it much better than when she first wen there. Julia has got a very pleasant home at Greenwich and quite a smart boy, Willie, too. Len is at Millburn, New Jersey and is doing very well.

There is a prospect of our having lively times here this summer with the rebs and the probabilities are that we shall make a raid up in the country towards Raleigh as soon as the roads get a little better so that the artillery can move.

By the way, you wrote to father that Walter had enlisted. I wish you would send me the number of his regiment and letter of his company for it may be possible that I may get in his vicinity some time and if I knew his regiment and company, I might hunt him up. I will now draw this uninteresting letter to a close. I would like very much to have you write and I would also like to have Helen write to me and I promise to answer all communications with which you may favor me promptly. And I hope to have something a little more interesting to write in my next. Enclose I send you my photograph. It is not a very good one but will give you some idea of how I looked after a forty-five-day furlough.

I will now close with much love to yourself and the rest of your family.

I remain your affection nephew.

Direct to H. H. Barnard
Sergeant, Company G
3rd New York Cavalry
Newbern, North Carolina