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15th Maine Infantry - Mentions Mosby's Command

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October 16, 1864 Jason Spear
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4 pages, original Civil War Union letter written in period ink and war dated.

Oct 16th 1864

Dear Cousin

Here I am back again soldiering, but I have one consolidation and that is that I have but a short time to stay.

We came directly from Augusta to Harpers Ferry, encamped there a few days and then came to this place. Had a first rate time coming out and have been enjoying ourselves finely since we have been here. We go out most every day hunting hogs, apples, cabbage, and other eatables. We believe in confiscation. I don’t know but what we should starve if we could not get other food besides our rations. One third of our rations are taken from us, and we have to be saving to make them hold out.

We have been moving our camp today. We are encamped about one half mile from our old campground just outside the city. There are any quantity of good looking girls here, but I have not scraped acquaintance with any of them yet, but think I shall if we go into winter quarters. It has been very cold since we came here. It snowed quite hard one day and we have had heavy frosts. We manage to keep ourselves comfortable. Our bed that we sleep in looks something like a hog’s pen. We lay “spoon fashion” nights and so we sleep very comfortable. There has been some trouble with the guerilla’s about here. They run the cars off the tracks a few nights ago between here and Harpers Ferry. They belong to Mosby’s command. They did not harm any one but took everything that was of any value. The caught seven of them, hung six of them on the spot. The other one promised to show them where the rest of the gang was, so they took him along with them. We have good news tonight from Petersburg. The report is that Grant has taken 20,000 killed, wounded, and prisoners. I hope it is true, but can’t believe it yet.
Well, I guess I have scribbled enough for this time. Give my regard to all the folks. Write soon & write all the news. Good night.
From your cousin,
Jason Spear

Address: Jason Spear
Co. K. 15th Me. Vols
Washington, D. C.