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25th Ohio Infantry - Chaplain

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February 3, 1864 Zachariah Ragan
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2 pages original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Officer’s Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee

February 3rd 1864

Mr. R. VanTifflin

Your letter of the 25th last is received. Your friend Lieutenant S. VanTifflin came to this hospital on the 18th of October and died on the night of the 26th. I was not with him at the time of his death. It was unexpected and matter of surprise to all of us. He had not been considered dangerously ill by any who saw him. I had made his acquaintance and conversed with him encouragingly in regard to his prospect of recovery. I think he had no apprehension of dying the evening before his death. I left the hospital that afternoon, went to my boarding house and did not return until the next morning. I could learn nothing from the nurse in regard to the state of his mind during his last moments. His remains are buried in “Fort Pickering Grove County.” The spot is carefully marked with his name, etc. The body can easily be found without danger of mistake. Should you send for his remains, I will be glad to render any assistance in my power. The expense of metallic case in Memphis is $50. $15 for delivering the body at Express Office and perhaps $50 for transportation to your place. Total $115.

I am very respectfully yours, etc.

Z. Ragan
Chaplain USA