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15th Maine Infantry

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December 27, 1864 Francis M. Skillin
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4 pages, original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Martinsburg, WV

December 27th 1864

Dear Father,

I take my pen to write you a few lines this morning. We are all well and hope this will find you all the same.

I received a letter from Angie and Ellen last night. Angie said you had received my letter of the 12th in which I sent 10 dollars. But she did not say as it was alright. So I know just as much as I did before about it. I sent a $50 note on the 19th and now enclose a $100 note. I wrote some time ago about your getting hold of all those notes of this kind that you can without injuring your own interests. After the 15th of February you can get those of Wesley’s if you wish to. Well, I have not heard from Sumner for a long time, since the 13th of November. Have you heard lately? Write as soon as you do. I have written 2 or 4 times and then I shall again this week.

Well the news is encouraging from all parts. Old Mosby is reported killed and hope it may be true. The news about this place there is none. The talk is of the 15th vets being consolidated into 2 companies to form a regiment with the 12th and 44th, called the Second Maine Veterans. And the 12th to go into the 20th with me. But we shall find out in a month or less. Dyer is to be Colonel and the lieutenant colonel and major out of the 19th and 14th. If they do that, we shall fell pretty well satisfied. But if they stick us in the 29th, there will be some growling and not much fighting when they want us to do it.

The weather has been very broken for past month we have had 2 snow storms and it is cloudy and dull all the time. It was pleasant earlier but yesterday drizzly and same today. Ed and myself still stay at the railroad. How long we may stay I can’t tell. I sent you 2 dollars to pay the cost on that box. If you did not get your pay, I suppose you left the coats where they will get them and that valise and brush to be left at N. Johnson’s for Smith.

Well, what are you driving at? How are shingles turning this winter? Ann said you have quite a lot out ready to haul. Charles has bought a farm I learned. But where it lays, I can’t tell, and now wants to sell. He is uneasy it seems. Well, guess he will get fixed by and by. Hope he will. Well, as I can think of nothing more now and it is time my letter was in the mail, I will close. You may look for another $50 note and I want you or someone to let me know if you get my money, what date the letter was and how much. Then I shall know something about it. My other note is number 113185, the $100 note enclosed is 110476. The one I sent on the 19th was Number 112198.

But I must close hoping to hear from you soon. Good day.

From your son,

Francis M. Skillin
Company H, 15th Maine Regiment

Mr. Josiah Skillin
Garland, Maine