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Scotts 900 - 11th New York Cavalry

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May 27, 1863 Frederick Killam
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2 page original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated. Killam served in the 2nd Connecticut Infantry and the 11th New York Cavalry.

Headquarters, City Mounted Provost Guard
Washington, DC

May 27th 1863


Dear Sir,

I trust that you will pardon me if you think me too bold in addressing you in this manner. My situation tempts me to do it. I have been in the United States service for over two years. I now belong to the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, better known as “Scotts 900”, which is at present doing duty with the City of Washington as Provost Guard. When I first took my position as Quarter Master Sergeant of Company, I was told I stood next to the sergeant Major for promotion. Since then, I have learned that I am entirely out of the line of promotion. Now this is very discouraging to me who wishes to rise with those he commenced with. I was almost one of the first to enroll my name in the defense of the Old Flag and I mean to stand by it as long as I am permitted to do so. I went out in 1861 with the New Haven Grays in Colonel Terry’s 2nd Connecticut Regiment. I drilled and marched with Colonel Bostwick, Lieutenant Colonel Merlin of the 27th Connecticut Volunteers and a great many others, who have since rose to high positions and promotions. When I enlisted this time, there was no recruiting done in Connecticut and so I enlisted out of my own state for which I am have and am very sorry. For I might have had a commission in one of the regiments which have since been organized there. I would like Sir, by your assistance, to gain a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the 1st Connecticut Cavalry, or any other regiment. But more particularly in this one for I am well acquainted with most of the boys. Besides, it will be the means of getting me off the rolls of New York, for which I am very eager. I think that this ought to be done for me after being so long in the service and as efficient a soldier as an of my comrades who have been promoted before me. If you wish to inquire as regards to my character or stability, please inquire of Mr. James English or Judge Foster of New Haven. If I should receive no benefit from this, please put my name down as one man from Connecticut.

I am Sir,

Very respectfully your obedient servant,

Frederick Killam
“Scotts 900”, 1st U.S. Cavalry
Quartermaster Sergeant

To: Adjutant General Williams