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5th Connecticut Infantry - Twice Wounded

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May 21, 1863 William A. Daniels
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2 page original Civil War soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated:

Headquarters, 5th Connecticut Volunteers
Stafford Courthouse, VA

May 21st [1863]

Adjutant General Williams


I have to inform you that the accompanying reports were sent over a week since but owing probably to some failure of the mail have not arrived. It is hoped these will be more fortunate and arrive safely at their destination.

Lieutenant Colonel James A. Bell, upon our return to this place after the late battles, tendered his resignation to General Slocum, commanding the 12th Corps, which was promptly accepted and he immediately left for the north.

Major D. F. Lane is now under arrest waiting action upon certain charges preferred by officers of this regiment. What these charges are I cannot say as no official notice has been received at this office. While we regret you will undoubtedly feel cannot exceed our own, that the good name of the regiment should have been prejudicial by those to whom it should be dearer than life.

Yet be assured that the conduct of most of the officers and enlisted men of the command was such as proves that the same spirit which animated them in the Shenandoah and nursed their arms upon the bloody field of Cedar Mountain still survives; and we trust we may yet, in spite of past defeat and disaster, return the old banner of the State, covered as it is with honorable scars and fee that our task is done, the Union restored and our country once more prosperous and happy.

Trusting that you will consider this, as it is intended, a private communication.

I remain, Your Obedient Servant,

William A. Daniels
Adjutant, 5th Connecticut Volunteers