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1st Louisiana Infantry & 13th Connecticut Infantry

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January 26, 1865 Benjamin G. Loomis
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

Donaldsonville, La. Jan 26/65.
Mr. Stone
Dear Sir:
Since I left my home and family and returned to the army, I have thought much of what appears to me to be injustice to me. I, at the commencement of the rebellion, enlisted (out of pure patriotism and nothing else) in the service of my country to assist in sustaining its flag, which was so many years so proudly waved over our union. After serving my term, I found my services were still wanted. I enlisted again for three years and served near one year in the 13th Conn. Regt. when I was transferred by Gen. Butler to the 1st Louisiana Inf. Vols., supposing my term would expire with the 13th, but find they can hold me till the time of the 1st La. Regt. expires, which will be the 18th of next August. Counting from the time of my first enlistment to the time I shall be discharge, it will be more than four years, with no pay more than soldier’s wages, some of the time $12 and some $21 per month. I learn that all those that enlist, or are drafted in New Hartford, receive $300 from the town treasury. Now if I am not entitled to a share of this, I do not know who is. My name counts in your town towards filling your quota, and you oblige me to pay taxes to raise this money, and it seems no more justice if I ask the town to be remembered.

I think you are one of the selectmen of the town. For this reason I write this note to you.

I do not think of any news that I can write you. The war news you get in papers before we can. Since I left New Hartford, our Regt. has been up the Mississippi River more than 1000 miles above New Orleans. We have been in Mississippi, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee and as far in Kentucky as Paducah. We came from there down to Columbus in Ky where we had severe cold weather, much colder than I have experienced for the past three years. From Columbus we came down to Memphis, Tennessee. We encamped some two miles out of that beautiful city some two weeks, and were ordered down to Fort Butler in Donaldsonville. Whether we will remain here longer than spring I cannot say.

My sheet is filled and if you wish to write me direct B.G. Loomis, Drum Major, 1st La Infty. Vols., New Orleans.

Remember me to all my friends.

Respectfully yours,
B. G. Loomis