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30th New Jersey Infantry

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April 7, 1863 Melancthon P. Wood
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

Bell Plains, VA

April 7th 1863

Mr. Mulvey


I received the paper you had the kindness to send me and it was read by me and all the rest of the boys in my tent with pleasure. News from Jersey is always gladly received by us. I have been looking some time for a letter from some of you folks, but thought their letters might have been miscarried. I have not had a letter from home in a good while. Van Hise got a letter from Bershebee Van Hise. She said Father was home. The paper you sent me had a letter in it written by a soldier in the Fifth New Jersey. He calls us nine months beauties. And says we come for the almighty dollar. But I don’t think they all come for that. The three-year men do not like us because our time is out so much sooner than theirs. He says we are the ones that made the discontentment in the army. But if I ain’t very much mistaken, General Burnside was the cause of all that. If he had been successful at Fredericksburg everything would have went right. But General Hooker is the man now and the soldiers place a good deal of confidence in him. We have had a great deal of stormy weather this winter. The roads have been so bad that an empty wagon was a load for six mules. On Saturday it snowed about three inches deep making the roads muddy again. The army cannot move as long as the roads are so bad. Our time is near out now that is not likely that we will be in more than one battle and it may be that we will not see any fighting at all. Our Division was reviewed by General Hooker last Thursday. He is a fine looking man. Our Regiment belongs to the Third Brigade, First Division, First Army Corps. General Paul did command us for a while but Colonel Berthune is acting brigadier at present. He is the man that was nominated for congressman when Adrian was elected. And now I will close my letter hoping soon to hear from you. Give my love to all your family and tell them to write.

I remain yours with respect,

M. P. Wood