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101st Pennsylvania Infantry - Andersonville POW - NEW

Item LTR-5844
December 7, 1862 Joseph L. Brown


Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink. Wounded and captured at Plymouth, NC. Andersonville POW.

Plymouth, NC
December 7th 1862

Dear Parents,

I had the pleasure of reading four of your letters this morning. And was glad to hear you were all well as this leaves me at present. I have been in the hospital more than a month but have not been sick all the time. I am well and waiting for my boat to come. I have been sick most all summer at time but the fever and ague season is gone and I hope to enjoy better health till next season. And by that time I hope to be at home with you….

You wanted me to send a list of what things I wanted. I don’t know as I want anything more. But if you are bound to send a box you may put in a pair of gloves. I have one bottle of no. 1 left. But have got all the rest of the medicine that you sent me.

I was glad to have you get my picture. I expect to go to Newbern soon. If I do, I will send you a better one and I shall send you money as soon as I can. I have not had any money for 4 months and I think uncle Sam is getting poor but I hope not. I would send you a lock of my hair but it is so short that it would not be worthwhile. I will close now. My love to all friends.

As ever,

Joseph L. Brown