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96th Pennsylvania Infantry - Wounded & Captured at Spotsylvania

Item LTR-5851
February 6, 1863 Joseph Workman
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages written in period ink.

Camp on Windmill Point, Maryland
February 6th 1863

Dear Father,

I take this method of informing you that I received your letter last evening. I was very glad for the tobacco. I sent the money to Levi for I do not need any as long as I have tobacco. I am well and hope this may find you all enjoying the same blessing. Our regiment left our old camp on Sunday the first of this month. We marched about seven miles, then we came to Cockpit Landing. There we took a boat and came to this place. There is a very large hospital here and we must guard and unload the boats which bring things here to the hospital. Levi was here when we came. He was glad when he saw me. He says that he is getting better. There are about three thousand sick soldiers in this hospital and from thirty to forty die every day.

The weather is very disagreeable here at present. It commenced to snow yesterday morning but towards evening it commenced to rain and rained all last night and all day today. We had a snow about thirteen inches deep the other week but it did not last long.

If you did not send me a box yet, don’t send none. If you can send something with some other one’s box I am satisfied. If you only send me tobacco sometimes, then I can stand it bully.

They are going to let eight go home on a furlough every ten days out of our regiment. I don’t know whether I will get a chance or not. It costs most too much. Don’t send any money until I tell you to. If I don’t get home on a furlough this time, we may come home next spring and then I will stop at home. For I don’t believe that this war will last much longer.

I had the toothache very bad and now it is going to break open under my jaw. My cheek is all swollen. It pains me a good bit but I guess it will be over before long. Give my love to all my relations and friends. I will come to a close for this time. Hoping to hear from you soon again.

So much from your son,

Joseph Workman