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14th Maine Infantry

Item LTR-5928
January 16, 1865 Nathan P. Bennett
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

City Point

January 16th 1865

Dear Brothers,

I received a letter from you yesterday dated the 8th. I was very much pleased to think you had taken pains to write to me and very glad to think you take so much interest in your school. I hope you will continue so for there is nothing so valuable as a good education. We are all well here at present. Our other 4 companies have arrived here and they are recruiting for this battalion in Augusta. The Colonel is here and old hare Terry with a very mean company of New York bounty jumpers. Our duty is very light here. I think we shall stay here until spring. There is no snow here and the ground is frozen but lately we have some pretty cold nights once and a while.

I received a letter from Laura the same day. I think you have done pretty well hunting. You tell your Father that I don’t allow him to call my little women a putty girl for she is no such a woman and if he does it anymore, I will be on his back. If she don’t keep still when you are writing. You may cuff him a very little might but don’t hurt him any to speak of. Today is Sunday and we have been on inspection which we have to do every Sunday. I expect Porter and Dick will be up here this afternoon and I will tell him what you said. I will tell you what some things are worth here. Flour is worth 16 dollars, apples are worth 9 dollars per barrel, potatoes 7 dollars per barrel and other things about the same. The next time you write tell me what the price of hay is and other things.

What you can think of tell your Mother I should be pleased to have her write me a few lines and the other boys too. I don’t think of much to write this time but will write more next time.

Give my best respects to all inquiring friends and I want you to be sure to write again.

From your brother,

N. P. Bennett