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107th New York Infantry - Killed at New Hope Church, VA

Item LTR-6341
December 9, 1863 William E. Vanauken
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages written in period ink.

Camp of the 107 NYV
Wartrace, Tenn.

December the 9th, 1863

Dear Brother and Sister,

Received your letter this morning and was glad to hear form you and to hear that you was well.
I am well. I have got to go on picket tomorrow morning. Frank is well. He got a letter from Rachel yesterday. I guess he ain’t wrote yet to her. I sent a letter to you this morning. It was a big one. I got a letter from Jimmy. I told you about it in that letter this morning. I had my picture taken today but it was not a good one. I can’t think of much to write this time. I wish you could come in my shanty now and see the inside furniture. It contains a fireplace, 2 haversacks, two canteens, two knives and forks, two plates and tin ones, at that. We got a nice little fire on and I am sitting on a cheese box a writing by a half of a candle and a piece of soap for a bottom. The drums has beat for roll call. It is now half past 8 in the evening. This is all at present.

From your Brother, William E Vanauken
To E O Sawyer

Write as soon as you get this. Good Bye.

William E. Vanauken
E O Sawyer
Chemung Co.
NY vols

Well, I have been out to roll call and I will close my letter and retire. But if I had the feather bed that Jimmy is in to, but their will be a day that my bones will be in a feather bed.

I got the stamps all right that you sent.