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29th Massachusetts Infantry - Wounded at White Oak Swamp

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April 30, [1862] Colonel Ebenezer W. Pierce
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 4 pages written in period ink.

Newport News
April 30 [1862]


My Dear young friend, yours has been received.

I have not just now a vacancy in the office of first lieutenant. There are two vacancies in the place of second lieutenant and I confidently hope and expect to have at least one vacancy in the office of first lieutenant ere many days.

When filled we have 12 first lieutenants and 10 second lieutenants. While there is a vacancy of Two first lieutenants, a second lieutenant could be adjutant and he could if there was only one vacancy of a first lieutenant.

Now what say you shall I nominate you for a second lieutenant and have you act as such in one of the companies until there is a vacancy of a first lieutenant or would you rather wait till that vacancy ocurrs.

I think it would be better for you to come out as 2nd lieutenant at once and go up than wait.

I wish to turn out both my adjutant and quartermaster once or both of whom will then resign. I shall send them both back to their companies.

If you were here as 2nd lieutenant as soon as one of them resigned, you could be adjutant and I could then have you promoted to a first lieutenant.

Will you write me at once that I may be advised how to proceed.

In haste I am yours truly,

Ebenezer W. Pierce
Colonel 29th Regiment

The uniform of a lieutenant is a dark blue broad cloth frock coat and light blue pantaloons. You can purchase the pants here better than at home. You can also get the cap here as well or better than at home.

We don’t wear a sash unless we wish to but if you do not wear a sash you must purchase a belt that is light blue instead of black.

We wear the regulation sword. No epaulettes. Don’t get your shoulder straps for you can get those here and perhaps you would want straps for a first lieutenant.

I hope you will write me at once on the receipt of this letter


Ebenezer W. Pierce