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11th Missouri Infantry

Item LTR-6680
April 6, 1863 Cyrus D. Kendall
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

Camp Near Young’s Point, Louisiana
April 6th 1863

Mrs. Rovilla Kendall

My Dear Wife,

It seems a long time since I parted from you. Longer perhaps on account of my not receiving any letters from you yet. Dear Pet. How I do long to get a letter from you and I can hardly account for the delay. I have written eight letters to you since you went home and I have not had the pleasure of receiving one yet. It is a most lovely day and as it Sunday. I feel very lonesome. I have been out riding this a.m.. All alone. I spent most of the time thinking of you and wishing that I was at home. That we might go walking. I have been thinking of the pleasant walks we have in days gone by. In my last letter, I told you we were at Camp near Helena and that I had a sore finger. Well, we are now at Young’s Point, 15 miles above Vicksburg. We came down on the 1st of April. My finger has been so sore that I have not been able to write any until today. And it is so bad yet, I am afraid that I will not be able to write a very long letter. My health has been good and is so at this time. Lieutenant Green has been quite sick. The colonel has the small pox. He was taken today to the small pox hospital. He is not very bad. All the boys from Louisville are well. The health of the regiment is good generally. Lieutenant Green received a letter from Mrs. Green yesterday. She was well. She said she was going to write to you and scold you for not writing to me oftener. I expect you and her will write some long letters to each other. You must savor them and let Lieutenant Green see them. Lieutenant Green thinks you had better name the boy after him. What do you think? Dear Pet. I am really ready to see you. I dreamed of seeing you nearly every night since you went home. But they are but dreams. Sometimes, I love to dream and sometimes I am almost mad because dreams are not real. Lieutenant Blue is still at Memphis. You know he was not well when his wife came down. Well, he has got much worse. He is thought to be dangerously sick. If he gets well, perhaps it will learn him some. Since we are going to be paid off in a few days for 4 months. I have a notion not to draw my money, as I have no chance to send it home. I wish you had it and then you could buy that house and lot in Flora. I will try and send some money for your use before you need it. You must let me know how you are getting along taking piano lessons and everything else you can think of. You must not forget what you promised to tell me, will you Pet? You must excuse this blot. Well, I must close. Please give my best wishes and love to Mother, Lottie and Heber. Do not fail to write soon. Hoping my dear, dear wife to hear from you soon.

I remain your affectionate husband,

C. D. Kendall

P.S. I cannot tell you when Vicksburg will be taken. I do not think we are any nearer it than we were 4 months ago. I think all these passes and canals are great humbugs. That is the general opinion down here. I will write again soon.



P.S. I forgot to tell you that while coming down the river since we went into my state and someone stole my dress coat. I have not found it yet.


C. D. Kendall