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14th Brooklyn Infantry

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March 15, 1864 Cyrus N. Chamberlain
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages written in period ink.

Letter deals with the medical conditions of the Camp of the 14th Brooklyn - Commanded by Edward B. Fowler.

Dr Chamberlain was in charge of the 6th Corps field hospitals and latter Camp Letterman during the Gettysburg Campaign. Camp Letterman is where Confederate General Armistead was embalmed by Dr. Chamberlain.

Headquarters 1st Army Corps
March 15, 1864

In obedience to your request I submit the following report concerning the 14th New York State Militia.

Since my last report the condition of the quarters of the members of this regiment have been somewhat improved and the most crowded rooms have been relieved.
One room occupied by Company K or by a portion of this company – the large room – one room occupied by a part of Company I – (a large room) one room occupied by a part of Company H designated as No. 14 in the Piedmont House – one occupied by a part of Company G and one occupied by part of Company D, both in the Piedmont House, besides two or three other small rooms are too much crowded and if possible should be in part relieved of their occupants. I should perhaps include a room occupied by a portion of Company F near the railroad. I have reason to believe that too little attention is paid to the ventilation of most of these rooms during the night and to the hanging out the blankets and overcoats during pleasant weather. Both these duties are performed by a portion of the regiment, but are neglected by the rest and the officer of the day should be instructed to insist upon the execution of these rules so necessary to the health of the men. The overcoats and all other clothing used in the suites should be aired daily when the weather is suitable as well as the blankets. The odor which is offensive in many of the rooms indicates the necessity of this.

The police of the rooms was generally fair but not good. The rain of Saturday precluded however, the usual scrubbing of the floors which is required on that day. I would recommend that the ground in front of the Piedmont House be policed, a drain cut to carry off the waste which remains after a rain and more policing in the rear of the building. The air around the building is offensive. I would also recommend that the yard now used by the Headquarters Orderlies for picketing their horses during the day be thoroughly policed and some other place selected for the purpose for which that is occupied. The troops occupying the buildings adjoining this yard complain of the stench that arises from it. The horses ought to be picketed in the rear of the headquarters of the Corps.

Your truly
C. N. Chamberlain
Surgeon US Volunteers
Medical Inspector
1st Corps

To Surgeon J. T. Heard
US Volunteers, Medical Director, 1st Corps

Headquarters 1st Army Corps
Medical Director’s Office
March 15, 1864

Respectfully referred to the Assistant Adjutant General, 1st Corps with the recommendations that the suggestions of the Medical Inspector be followed.

J. Theo. Heard
Surgeon, US Volunteers
& Medical Director

Headquarters 1st Corps
March 16, 1864

Respectfully referred to Colonel Fowler, Provost Marshal for his information and correction.

By command of
Major General Newton
C. Kingsbury
Lieutenant Colonel & A.A.G.