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17th Connecticut Infantry - Wounded at Gettysburg

Item LTR-7190
January 28, 1864 Sylvester Rounds


Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages written in period ink.

Market Pt. Genl Hospital
Newark, N.J.
Thursday, Jan. 28, 1864

Dear Sister

Your letter was received in due time and I guess you will think I am never a going to answer it, but I am. I will tell you why I waited so long. I had some photographs taken last week and they were to be finished Tuesday but I did not get them until today. So I kept putting off writing until I got them. So I had to wait until today. I got one dozen made: 6 with my overcoat on and 6 without, so as to have a variety. I think they are very good ones and my left shoulder shows quite plain, it being lower than the right. You see the silver piece which I have fastened to my watch hook quite plain and if you look at my cap, you will see the “D” on the front piece I sent home to Sid. And I will send you a couple, one of each kind for yourself and will send you one for Martha Brookes also one for Mary Hubbell and one for Elisa. Now you will give them to those persons for you know I promised them one sometime ago.

I hear that Warren Wheeler is home, also John Blood. I wish I could be there so as to see them for I would like to very much. You must tell Warren that he much stop and see a fellow when he returns to the Regiment.

It is awful warm weather down here in Newark for this time of year. Almost as warm as summer. The ice on the river is all broken up and skating is all spoiled, so we have now to seek some other way of enjoyment.

Martha, I am in an awful hurry for I have now to work around the ward and I have also to dress a fellow’s leg. Father knows which one I mean. The one that I showed him. Quite a number have been sent to their regiment during the last week and there are but a few in the hospital now. I received that paper you sent me and see when General Dix had ordered all Connecticut men to be sent to New Haven. I don’t believe they will send me on account of my being assigned to the Invalid Corps – but I guess I will get a chance to come home pretty soon if the small pox gets away well.

I will have to stop this time. You said you wanted a good, long letter. Wait till next time and I will satisfy you. I have not got time now. Sib will tell you about that school business. Write soon.

From your Brother,
Sylvester Rounds
Co. D, 17th Conn. Vol.