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32nd Pennsylvania Infantry

Item LTR-7449
December , 1861 Aaron Wesley Schroyer
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

Camp Pierpont
December 6, 1861

Dear Parents,

I received the box of valuables you sent night before last, for which I thank you very much. The eatables are excellent. Homemade bread goes very good to a person who has not tasted any for nearly five months. The mustard is very fine. Fat pork goes down very nice with it. The articles to wear are invaluable to me, especially the havelock in wet weather. You made a mistake in the filterer. I meant a small one with an India rubber tube to suck the water through. Although, the answers very well, only it is heavier weight. Give my respects to Aaron Kern and also my thanks for the tobacco and pipe. They are very fine. I have just been smoking a pipe full. When you see Tracy, please give her my love and I hope she is well. Also, I thank her for the belt. They are a good thing. Several men in our company have them. I received your affectionate letter this evening. I thank you for the good advice contained in it. I shall pay good attention to it and try and profit by it.

Mr. Ungerbuehler was in my tent when I received your letter. He requested me to say he appreciates your compliment, also that you may be blessed with a speedy recovery. He said, please remember him to some of the members of the 2nd St. Church.

This morning we were up at 5 o’clock, eat our breakfast, got two days rations, 40 rounds of cartridges, canteen full of water, blankets in our knapsacks, overcoats on, besides our muskets, so you may imagine the bummer a soldier has about him on a march. About 4 o’clock a.m. we started, 2nd and 3rd Brigades with a battery of artillery, on a foraging expedition in the neighborhood of Dranesville. I counted 52 wagons. We marched about 10 miles out the Leesburg Pike. We were drawn in lines of battle until the wagons were filled with corn, wheat, oats, hay and pork, some horses and a yoke of oxen. Also 5 prisoners were captured. We reached home tonight about 7 o’clock, after a march of 20 miles, so I will now close. As I am very tired and sleepy. My messmates are all wrapped up in their blankets for a sleep.

I am much pleased that you and Grandmother are recovering and that Mother and the rest of the family are all well. Dear Father, do not be uneasy about going to work. It will throw you back if you attempt it before you get strong. If I had my wish, you should never work anymore as long as you live. I will now close by sending my love to you all.

Yours Affectionately,

Aaron Wesley

P. S. Please write soon.