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1st New York Infantry

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January 11, 1861 Isaac F. Jones
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Camp Butler
Newport News
January 11, 1861

Colonel Pierson

Dear Sir,

I arrived at camp on the afternoon of the 10th and found myself put down as a deserter and Lieutenant W. H. Hamilton had sent to New York to have me arrested as such and he has reduced me to the ranks, I am now under arrest awaiting my trial. I have seen Colonel Dyckman about it and showed him your letter authorizing me to go to Ramapo recruiting. He said he would see the lieutenant and would write to you about it. I hope you will bring your attention to it immediately and have me restored to my position and have the dishonor of desertion thrown from my shoulders. And if my name has been put in the papers as a deserter, I pray you to contradict it for the sake of my family and friends and honor.

I remain yours with respect

Sergeant Isaac F. Jones
Co. H, 1st Regiment New York Volunteers