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13th Vermont Infantry

Item LTR-7842
November 26, 1862 Daniel Grandy
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

Camp Vermont
November 26th 1862 Evening

Dear Parents,
It is with pleasure that I again take this opportunity to write to you to let you know that I am still well as usual and enjoying myself first rate after the fashion last night, after working on our barracks all day and had eaten our supper and got quietly at our ease. What should disturb our quiet but the orderly call. And he was not long gone when we had orders to be ready to march at a minute’s notice. With knapsacks packed and 40 rounds of cartridges in our boxes and our light tents. We began to think there was something for us to do in the way of fighting. There were some of us left behind, the sick and lame, and I was numbered among the lame. So I was left to do guard duty. They all marched away feeling first rate and I was left behind to take care of the camp. I was on guard half of the night and such a rainy night you ever saw. I was detailed to take care of the cooking and how long I shall have that to do that, I do not know. I like it first rate. We have not moved our camp and do not think we shall. And half of our Regiment has gone. I do not know where. They say to Bull Run to meet Old Jackson. Our boys are to fight and so am I. But I will not be able to march.

Union Mills
November 29th 1862

Dear Folks at home,

As I have moved again, I will write and let you know where I am. Thursday we were left and struck out and they brought us to Alexandria and put aboard the cars. And we was left to guard any stuff until morning and then we moved to where we now are about 25 miles from Alexandria at the barracks that the rebels built and we are going to live in them tonight. Our boys are pretty well and feel good and are all ready for fighting. And it begins to look like fighting sounds here but may not be after all. It has been some 4 weeks. I have not heard from Nettie or Nell and I do not know why they do not write me. I got the papers and was pretty glad to hear from home, if only in the shape of a newspaper. I do not know what our next move will be. But we think it will be back to our old barracks to stay this winter. I shall have to ask you to write me often. So, goodbye with my love to all and a kiss for Little Daniel. Direct as before. Write soon.

Dan Grandy