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142nd New York Infantry

Item LTR-7845
March 20, 1863 William Dalzell
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

March 20th, 1863
Camp 142d Regt NYV
Near Chain Bridge, VA

Dear Lizzy,

I told you in my last that I would write today and tell you about the things they came all safe. We got the box yesterday. I like all of my things very well. My boots are just right. My shirts & drawers I have not tried on yet but will tonight. I think they are all right and that dear little boy looks best of all. The little rouge, I wish I could see him. He looks so sweet.

I have got clothes enough to last me for quite a while. I take good care of my things and make them last as long as I can. My health is still very good. Yesterday it rained all day. Today is dry and windy and drying up the mud fast.

Don’t you think Dr. Bolan would like to be back if he could get his old post in our regt. I think he would. By what I hear, he was liked very well by the regt as a doctor and had very good luck while he was with no doctor. M Falls has been sick and has been away form the regt most all the time since Boland left us. And Doctor Rice has been sick some. So you see we have been bad off for doctors. But the health of the regt is improving so fast that we will not want 2 doctors much. I have not much news to write tonight for it is but a short time since last wrote you. But I thought I must tell you about the things and I know that you like to hear that I am well. There is a report in camp today that the rebels have taken one Co of the 143rd regt prisoners. They were out guarding a party of negroes that was cutting wood for the government. If it is so, I think it is a shame that they were caught napping; we hear that they are going to make a raid this week to try and take the negroes that is cutting the wood. We have orders to be ready for them if they come where we are. There are too many large guns here for them to attempt it. The 127th and 144th have gone out to look after them. We are in a good place where we are now. And I think we are likely to stay for some time. I want to wash me all over tonight; so I will have to stop writing and get some water warmed. Give my love to all. Write often. I will try and do the same. So once more, good night from your loving husband.

Lt William Dalzell Co C, 142d Regt NYV