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52nd Illinois Infantry

Item LTR-7847
February 3, 1862 Charles Wagner
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 2 pages, written in period ink.

Smithland, Kentucky
February the 3rd 1862

Dear Sister Kate,

I shall now pen you a few lines as you have been so kind as to write to me very often and you must excuse me for not writing sooner. I still stick to my old vest and the one fingered gloves I have worn all the time, they worn well. I have darned them a little once or twice, and have them yet quite good and my pants have worn well. They have not ripped a single stitch. My coats both wear well and it make me think of you Kate when I wash, but I manage to keep clean. I have nearly everything that I can ask for. I was presented with a neat testament and kneedee book with yard and everything besides the one I have from home. And I have a little picket ink stand and a good portfolio to carry paper and envelopes. It is a very handy thing and is easily carried in my knapsack and I have my fifth – and two song books. Kate, I haven’t much to write as we are not doing anything here. All we have done a drilling is to get out on dress parade a few time. As we haven’t any guns and it is so muddy that it is bad getting around. We are under a large hill back of the town. We are some 80 or 100 rods from the river. This town is about as large as Plano, and is a very old town. Our General’s name is Wallace. You must write soon and give me the news. You have told me of all the old bitches getting married that I can think of. I have received three letters since I have been here. You must write often as I like to hear from home.

In haste.

Charles Wagner
To his sister Kate.