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Civil War Female Nurse

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Jean Margaret Davenport Lander
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Period cabinet card image of Civil War Female Nurse Jean M. Lander. Image is signed and dated in Lander's hand. December 18, 1899.

Jean Margaret Davenport Lander was an English actress with a career in both England and the United States. After the death of her husband, a brigadier general in 1862, she subsequently served for two years as a supervisor in charge of the nurses working in the Union Army hospitals at Beaufort, South Carolina.

On February 5, 1865, Jean Davenport Lander reappeared, acting at Niblo's Garden Theatre, New York, in a drama called Mésalliance. The arrival of Adelaide Ristori to America brought a new set of characters into vogue — Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary Stuart, Queen Marie Antoinette, etc. — and Lander availed herself of that new predilection of popular taste. Her performance of Queen Elizabeth was first seen at the National Theatre, Washington, in April 1867.
She was the original representative, in America, of Marguerite Gauthier, a part which she named Camille, — acting it in a play that she had adapted from La Dame aux Camélias, by Alexandre Dumas, fils; her adaptation was "edited" by John Wilkin, an English journalist, and it was first presented to her in Philadelphia.
She was the original representative in America of Legouvé's Medée, in English, and of Colombe; she also acted in Robert Browning's Colombe's Birthday; Peg Woffington; in Charles Reade's Masks and Faces, and as Hester Prynne, in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter.
Her last appearance was made at the Boston Theatre, January 1, 1877, in The Scarlet Letter.

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