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Dorothea Lynde Dix

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August 3, 1861
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An original (ALS) war dated letter written by Dorothea L. Dix. Three pages written in period ink.

Washington, DC
August 3rd 1861

Dear Sir,

The anxious cases crowding me here during the past month have incidentally created delays in a usually regularly sustained business correspondence. I am very late in acknowledging the receipt of your liberal supplies through Colonel Bradford. Both first and later, some portion of these are already applied as you requested, but a part I have caused to be catalogued, washed and stored for future use. As about the time these were received, a very large quantity of wines, etc. were sent by liberal and humane persons. Then that tenth week, so full of war, we fully expected our wounded and dead returned for careful or for solemn ____. Now we know that they are cut off from both. I have employed every possible means for reaching our wounded and consoling our prisoners but then, alas, fruitlessly. My messengers who went with resolute courage were turned back, only allowed to wait on one condition - this was to abide during the war in the South.
To my request to be allowed to operate with a errand of mercy and come to take charge of the sufferance, it was said if I came, I should be held as a close prisoner. For my usefulness what use, its measure would be quite destroyed.

I have permission to send nurses, if they will stay there, during the war. I wish to act if you think this plan expedient. I confess I have no faith that they would be allowed to take care of our wounded men, most of them slightly injured ______. More serious injuries were in many cases
followed by death immediately in one form or another. While I think that neglect and the effects of climate will destroy nearly all. I know courageous ______ here who would go to succor our soldiers, but I do not feel confident in the provisions of our ______ foes.

Please let me hear from you.

Your friend with respect,
D. L. Dix