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72nd & 200th Pennsylvania Infantry - Surgeon - NEW

Item MED-8043
December 18, 1864 A. Stokes Jones
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Original Civil War soldier's letter. 3 pages, written in period ink.

3rd Division Hospital
9th Army Corps

18th December 1864

My Friend Lillie,

Your brief epistle, having postmark of December 12th, was handed to me near a week since. It afforded me much pleasure, I can assure you. I had really begun to think you both must be dead. You spoke of having replied to my first not. But we have been subjected to many and great changes since then that would necessarily disarrange the regularity and safety of our mails. When I received your note, we were in the midst of one of those expeditions. Long to be remembered, as one of unusual severity and marked by terrible suffering of the troops. We have several in hospital at present whose feet and hands were frozen at that time. One died yesterday from the effects of the exposure upon that occasion.

I saw Captain Hoffman a few days since. He is well and apparently more vigorous than formerly.

You say Mill has reviewed my last letter and concluded to write before long. I hope the long silence has not been caused by her being offended, at anything I may have said, in my incautious and blunt way of writing whatever comes first in my mind.

I too, do hope and earnestly pray that the end of this terrible war may not be far distant. Thomas is doing splendidly and Sherman gloriously. And altogether it seems as though the sunrise of peace was about to break forth. Though we must be prepared for disappointments. If they come, we should be able to bear them as men and women, without discouragement. Without falter. The end is certain. The opportunity is ours. Only the time of final success is unknown.

We are having magnificent weather now again. Warm and pleasant as the autumnal nowadays of your own climate.

I shall be glad to hear from you again at your earliest commission.

Truly Your Friend,

A. S. Jones
200th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers
3rd Division, 9th Corps