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37th Mississippi Infantry - Wounded and Captured at Vicksburg

Item CON-5296
June 13, 1863 Henry R. McInnis
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2 pages original Civil War Confederate POW letter, written in period ink and war dated.

Camp Douglas

June 13th 1863

Mrs. S. B. Waller,


I am expecting a moneyed letter next week from a friend in Baltimore. When I wrote to her, I know that probably I would be released before I could receive an answer. And I directed that it be sent to your care. So, if such was the case that you would remail it. If you should receive it you can find out from Mr. Whelock whether or not I am gone. And if not please send it in as soon as you receive as I am very much in need of it. I fear that it will be a good deal of trouble to you. But I hope that under the circumstances you will excuse me. About five or six weeks ago, I received five dollars for which I learned several days afterwards that it was to you that I was indebted. Accept my most sincere thanks for your kind favor. And I hope that the day is not far distant when you shall be amply rewarded for your many acts of kindness to the inmates of this prison. If you should find it necessary to remail the letter, direct it to Mrs. E. H. Rutherford, Baltimore, MD, care of Reverend J. J. Bullock. I send this by my friend Mr. Jones, who goes out today. Accept the best wishes of your unknown friend.

H. R. McInnis
Barracks 23