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1st Maryland Light Artillery. - Wounded at Petersburg

Item CON-5987
July 23, 1864 John W. F. Hatton
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Original Civil War Confederate soldier's letter. 2 pages written in period ink.

Chimborazo Hospital
Richmond, VA

July 23rd 1864

Dear Mother,

Having spent the four part of the night in darning my pants, preparatory to visiting the country to spend any furlough, I will now attempt to relieve the anxiety which it is natural to suppose a Mother feels for her son. Doubtless, you have heard of me being wounded, which befell me near Petersburg, on the 22nd of June. I suppose the report, being as all reports usually are, exaggerated beyond all measure, gave you as great deal of uneasiness. But now let me assure you, with my own fingers upon the pen, that my wound is not one to cause fear. Being a small flesh wound through the hip, but it was sufficient to give me a forty day furlough, which I will endeavor to pass at my cousin’s near the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is customary to say of a person who has received a wound, that he is unfortunate; but I cannot, positively, decide whether I am fortunate or unfortunate. For no one upon earth can tell what would have been my fate, had not tis present one befallen me. Therefore, though arguing, I am always ready and willing to meet and suffer, to the best of my ability, whatever lot providence deems necessary to send. You may be sure that, while you were anxious upon my account, I have not been thoughtless of you and all the dear ones at home. My nightly prayers have been and will continue to be, for your easiness of heart, quietness of spirit and happiness of old age. And let me entreat you, not have heavy cares for your boys. For it is high time that we are able to see to our own selves and relieve you of the disagreeable anxiety. I expect before you receive this you will have a messenger more able than this to relate our story. I sometimes hear from all of you, but the tidings generally come through channels that are not very creditable. It would give one great satisfaction (I cannot say pleasure) to learn the true state and circumstance of every person and thing at home.

Colin has been to see me frequently. He is Assistant Surgeon in this hospital and is well and of fine spirits.

Give my love to all. With all the kind wishes of an affectionate son for more than an affectionate Mother. I bid you good night.

Truly your son,

J. W. F. Hatton

Mrs. Elizabeth Hatton
Prince George’s County