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14th Virginia Infantry - University of Virginia

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February 21, 1862 William M. Watkins
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Original Civil War Confederate soldier's letter. 4 pages, written in period ink.

Camp Curtis

February 21st 1862

Mrs. Terrell

My dear friend,

Your very acceptable bundle and the very interesting epistle accompanying came to hand this evening. For which I tender you my sincere thanks. I assure you ‘twas a source of no small gratification and pride to hear such flattering reports from dear old Jay. My associations with you all was of the most pleasant kind and will always be a fruitful source of sweet reminences even in my darkest hours. I often look back to the last 8 months that I spent at the Old University and its surrounding as the most pleasant part of my life and often would do and look back and long for those days. Yes, previous to my entering the service my short Christian experience was one of almost constant sunshine. I had experiences few of the trials of this life. But now they come almost like torrents. And I am forced to acknowledge that the sudden change has somewhat seared my conscious. Yet thanks be to a kind Savior, his promises are still dear to me and still I can go to Him in every trouble and feel that he is my Father, Savior, my all. And I earnestly solicit the prayers of the fondly remembered friends that say them in my behalf. Whilst I assure you, you shall all be remembered in my feeble efforts at the throne of Grace.

I received a very nice little epistle from Bettie B. this evening. Which was very gratifying. Please remember me kindly to Miss Nila and return her my thanks for the very acceptable pair of socks she sent me. Also, affectionately remember me to all my class. Mr. Terrell, George and all the good friends of Jay. It would give me much pleasure to come and see you all and I shall do so as soon as I can. But you must not expect that soon. As I have only spent one day at home in the last 20 months. But already I am detaining you too long. So, I must close by requesting you let me hear from you all as often as you can. I will always take great pleasure in answering your letters and ever believe me,

Your Friend in Christ,

William Watkins

My direction is:

Jamestown, Virginia
Care of Captain G. W. Finley
Company E, 14th Regiment
Virginia Volunteers

P.S. Excuse this scribble for it is so cold, I can scarcely write at all.