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4th Mississippi Infantry - Captured Twice & Wounded at Franklin - NEW

Item CON-9683
1862 Thomas A. Elam
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Original Civil War Confederate Prisoner of War letter, written in period pencil from Johnson's Island.

Johnsons Island
Near Sandusky

Mrs. S. L. Taylor
Newport Ky.

Dear Madam,

No doubt you will be surprised on the reception of this from a stranger as I am to you. But then; let me tell you wherein I have the advantage of you. I have witnessed too often the many boxes and packages sent to the needy and friendless prisoners confined far away from their friends and loved ones at home in the Sunny South. I have a hundred times, aye, oftener had my heart inspired with the deepest emotions of heart-felt gratitude for the many evidences of generosity and disinterestedness of the ladies of the “Newport Ladies Aid Society” for the unfortunate. Besides it reminds one that I have of your sex a dear mother and sisters far away at that home where we were once so happy. Therefore, it is with difficulty I come to the point. (for good nature can be imposed upon). But far from my home on the Sunny Soil of Old Carroll County (Carrollton), Mississippi, where I linked my fortunes as lieutenant in the 4th Mississippi Regiment, as I deemed in mine and your countries, common cause. And therefore the fortune of war has entailed upon me the “military necessity” of making the present request of your more than generous Society. As I no doubt from the present prospects before me, shall have to spend the best portion of my summer months on this island which is everything I could wish in point of pleasantness and health, but as one of old has poetically said, “To an exile from home, splendor dazzles in vain.” I need a summer suit of some kind of light cassimere, say a coat size 2 ½ or 3, good length; pants size 2 ½ or 3, 32 ½ or 33 in length.

For which ere long I hope to pay the deep debt of gratitude I owe to the ladies of your Society.

Address as above in Block 1; Mess 1

T.A. Elam