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15th & 32nd North Carolina Infantry - Wounded at Malvern Hill & Spotsylvania

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September 23, 1863 John M. Edwards
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4 pages original Civil War Confederate soldier's letter written in period ink and war dated.

Camp near Rapidan River
18 miles from Orange Court House
September 23, 1863

Mr. R. B. Paschal

Dear Friend,

Thinking you and friends would like to hear from this position of the enemy. I will drop a few lines.

My regiment is on picket today. We have been rather expecting a fight here for the first week but it didn’t seem to come off and hardly as much prospect of one as there was a week ago.

We are on one side of the river and the Yankees on the other in plain view of each other. I think we will be set again to have a fight on the Rapidan some have heard, but I am not able to say when the enemy is in fine spirits and confident of success. When we meet them we have a good position and good fortifications. We dug dirt with our bayonets and threw the dirt up with our hands. I worked day and night until we got them done and we have a nice a line of breastworks as you ever saw. There are but few things that we can not do. I will tell you something in the way of hunting that beats you and Ned Phillips and your hounds. The other day after marching all day, we took up camp for the night and we had not been there long until we had jumped and caught a rabbit and a red fox, a real red fox and to catch a red fox is something that you never done with your sela trotted dogs.

Our troops seem to be very well contented at present. I hear but little talk of desertion going on. I think there is considerable change taking place, we have got the news here that general Bragg has whipped Rosecrans in Tennessee, which we were all glad to hear. I think all will come out right side up. The weather is getting somewhat cold. There are some yarn socks, as to overcoats and blankets, I expect to get them from the Yankees when they cross the river. I guess that our Corps and A. P. Hill’s Corps will stay close together. This leaves me and John Fox in good health, also George Tyson. I have not heard from Fat Tyson in some time. I hope he is doing well.

My kindest regards to all, write soon.

Your humble servant
John M. Edwards