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4th Virginia Cavalry - General Williams Carter Wickham

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July 5, 1861 William Carter Wickham
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1 page, original Civil War Confederate letter written in period ink and war dated.

Fairfax Court House
July 5th 1861

My beloved Lucy,

Lt. Bowles has a four day leave of absence and as Robin is very anxious to go home for a day or two, I have determined to let him go down to return on Tuesday morning. Be sure to see that he gets off on Tuesday morning. It is after ten o’clock and I have just got in form an expedition so you must incur the shortness of my letter on account of my weariness.

I got your letter this morning and was pleased to hear that Mary Farming was coming on.

I will write again in a day or two. I now was in better health in my life.

Your own husband,

Wms. C. Wickham